"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have". - Frederick Koenig

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Barbecue, Bloodys, and a "Blizzard"

Three day weekends rock  (Happy Birthday George)!  Three days untouched by the pressures of work, or office stress in and of themselves are enough to bring on the beginnings of an actual feeling of relaxation by the end of the third day, if I'm lucky.  But, having a fantastic trifecta come together on what is just the second day of this three day weekend, is enough to inspire me to actually write something.  Well, kind of - I do have a lot of pictures, but we all know how lazy I am, and I do have to get back to enjoying my current trifecta (or at least two of the three) of, you guessed it - barbecue, bloodys, and a "blizzard". 

Here is my attempt at sharing a tiny slice of my happy Sunday with you, dear readers.  :)

First up, it's 'Grizzly Jay' and his new beard at Alamo Barbecue in Church Hill, RVA.  Did I mention this is an outdoor venue?  Did I also mention the wintery weather today?  

Next, the 'standard' -- pulled pork bbq with coleslaw on a toasted bun.  Pretty?  No.  Pretty tasty?  Hells yeah.

Then, the heavily decorated Pulled Pork Soft Taco.

And who could forget, the magical Cuban Pressed Pork sandwich?  Magical because although it looks like a dry toasted frisbee here, it tastes like a Cuban revolution in your mouth.  Or, for those of you that lean towards the less dramatic, it was yummy, and I would have eaten it all, if Jay hadn't been the one that ordered it.  

Finally, as a side, the Jalapeno Mac and Cheese.  Jay made me split it with him.  He is lucky that I have jeans to fit into.

Did I eat all of this food myself?  Regretfully no, and unfortunately, I even forgot to take a picture of my own entree because I was apparently so excited about everyone else's food.  (It's a curse).  So, what did I have?  I indulged in the Pulled Chicken BBQ Burrito Bowl, which is quite a tasty little alternative to the standard.  Oh, and of course ...

What's better on a snowy Sunday than an Absolut Peppar Bloody Mary made with Zing Zang?  Yeah, not much.
Also, because I did mention the first, and only, sign of winter weather that we have had all season, I present to you The "Blizzard" of 2012 ... from my front porch ...

... and from my back patio.  Awe inspiring accumulation, right?  Yeah, I know DQ probably has more snow in their Blizzard frozen treats, BUT since it's supposed to be 65 degrees again two days from now, I suppose I'll take whatever little I can get.  :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine's Day ... or Anti-Valentine's Day, whichever you may celebrate (or not)!  Apparently, nothing screams romance in my household like a good animated clip.  Isn't that the way everyone celebrates this highly cliched holiday?  Right, I thought so.  Here, to spread a little heart with you, are our 'his' and 'hers' top clip picks.  You might just end up wanting to share one, or both with your very own Valentine; maybe in a mid-day email to the office, or an unexpected chat message instead of the standard chocolate and flowers.  Though, on second thought, these might even be better while sharing a little chocolate, or sitting with someone special next to some gorgeous flowers.  :)  Either way, I hope you enjoy. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Magic

... because everyone needs to find a little something that's amazing to make it through the rest of the week.