"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have". - Frederick Koenig

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PhotoHunt 249: Hands (they rock!)

This week's PhotoHunt is 'Hands,' which, I'll admit, was not very exciting to me initially. I figured maybe I could make it more interesting considering all of the different types of hands there are - clock hands, hands of cards, etc.; but after a little mental back and forth I decided to stick with the obvious.  I didn't chose this direction so much because it was 'the easy way out', but more because I was unable to stop noticing and thinking about hands for the better part of a day.  Yes folks, the better part of a day - I have reached a new low.  Obviously, I was a little bored with work too, but seriously our hands really do rock.  (Just humor me).

Apparently, my hands seem to like to have drinks in them when photographed based on what I can tell from some of these shots, no pun intended, hehe.

After going through numerous hand pictures, and trying to figure out what the heck I was going to write about a picture of a hand, I started to consciously think about how truly amazing our hands are.  They are so intrinsically indicative of who we are.  (I know, Captain Obvious here, right?)  We express so many things with our hands - numerous emotions, connection (or lack thereof) with others, directions; all with only our hands.  Your hands tell the world who you are just as much as anything else about you -  how old you are, the type of work you do (or don't do), your grooming practices, and possibly what your bad habits are if you're a nail biter.  Your hands can be an ornament with jewelry, ink, or polish; or an eyesore - I don't think I need to explain this. 

At any rate, I guess the PhotoHunt wasn't as lame as I had initially thought it was and it did kind of end up inspiring me to get around to that manicure that I had been putting off after looking at some of the pictures of my hands that did not get included here.  I think it has also inspired me to use my hands to enjoy a nice cocktail this evening -wouldn't it be a tragic if my hands weren't around to assist in that, hehe!  Of course, I am also inspired to use my hands to pick up the phone and place a call for some lovely delivery ... as soon as I use them to shut down this computer that I work on with my hands in order to be able to pay for my cocktail and my dinner delivery. :)

Thanks hands, you rock!


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  1. It is nice to see your hands reaching out and they are not in the direction of my wallet anymore! Where's my drink?