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Monday, September 12, 2011

The BULGARI 'Serpenti Collection': Temptation At Its Finest

This 1975 ad campaign illustrates the range
of Bulgari’s serpent- shaped designs.
After a long, unanticipated blog break (sadly, I wasn't dashing off to NY Fashion Week or slipping away incognito for an unwarranted sabbatical), I've decided the best way to get back into the swing of things is with a little eye candy.  Everybody likes that, right?  Even better when it involves a little symbolism, a lot of style, and a whole lot of slither!

Straddling the line between accessory and art, Bulgari is the distinguished Italian brand that is recognized by it's quotient for luxury, large exceptionally rare gems, meticulous attention to detail, blending of classical and contemporary, and unmistakeable creative sensibility.  Though some might automatically draw parallels with the biblical connotation of the serpent as a symbol of temptation (which could certainly work especially well for some of these pieces!), the serpent's use in the Bulgari collection is reflective of Bulgari's Greco-Roman heritage, where it is a symbol of wisdom, life, and eternity.  For the first time in decades, Bulgari has revived their iconic enameled serpent design for their Fall Winter 2011 'Serpenti' Accessories Collection.  Through the Vogue Influencers Network, the luxury brand gives us an exclusive first look at their newest collection, as well as opening up their fashion archives to reveal the heritage behind their iconic serpent collection.  

Though a multi-generational standard for celebrities and socialites alike; there's a little something for everyone here ... even if only sheer aesthetic enjoyment (one can dream, right?).  So go ahead and have a look; I promise the only thing that might bite a little is the price tag.

Bulgari revived the enamel serpent for their FW 2011 Accessories Collection. This small bag is made of luxurious karung skin, and the snake-head closure has a light gold and enamel finish with pear-shaped malachite eyes. (Bulgari.com)

This bracelet was one of the inspirations for Bulgari’s Fall Winter 2011 Collection. The flexible bracelet imitates a coiled snake with white and black enamel scales and pear-shaped diamond eyes. 

Originally owned by fashion legend Diana Vreeland, Bulgari replicated this belt so it could have a permanent place in their Historical Archive Collection. This belt is made of pink and white enamel with sapphire eyes. 

Available from the FW 2011 Collection, both these medium- and small-sized bags are made of karung skin and their snake-head closures are made of black and white enamel with malachite eyes. (Bulgari.com)

This original hand drawing shows the elaborate details Bulgari put into their accessories. Numerous separate elements were used to make realistic looking scales, heads, and tails.

Available from the FW 2011 Collection, this stylish bracelet is made of karung skin, and the snake-head closure has a light gold and enamel finish with malachite eyes.

Made of karung skin, the snake-head details have light gold and enamel finishes with malachite eyes. Also available in Shanghai red, black, and amber karung from the FW 2011 Collection. (Wallet, Bulgari.com; Belt, Bulgari.com)

This photo of Bulgari’s snake accessories ran in a 1971 issue of Vogue, connecting two iconic brands and introducing Bulgari to the world of high fashion.

If you're dying for a serpent of your own now, but suffering from a little sticker shock, here are some options to check that will lend that luxury look without breaking the bank.  Happy hunting!  

Kenneth Jay Lane Snake Bracelet, shopbop

Premium Snake Necklace, Topshop 
Premium Snake Earrings, Topshop

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