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Monday, October 3, 2011

Nine West Wants You To Get High ... On Their Boots

Fall is here again, and with the crispness in the air it's time to turn our thoughts yet again to one of the cornerstones of the season -- fall boots!!  Every gal needs that amazing pair of boots to show off at the beginning of the season if for no other reason than to drown out the sting of moving those gorgeous strappy sandals to the back of the closet until next spring.  
Lucky for us, Nine West wants us to forget all about our end of summer woes by 'getting high' on their new boot collection.  I'm sure they were all sitting around the idea table slapping their knees over that little pun there.  Obviously, they must really have been sniffing some serious shoe glue to think it was clever enough to be the campaign tagline.  Anyway, I digress.  Moving on ... Nine West and Vogue Influencers have teamed up with stylist and fashion blogger, Lindsay Calla, to show us all how she rocks four of the 'must have' boot styles from Nine West's new fall collection.  They've also put together a little video clip to show you how fab their boots look in motion which I've included for you at the bottom of the page.  (Be sure to check out the 'Cropshop' boot that is showcased there, probably my fave out of all of them.  You can click here for more details on that one). 

Though they probably won't do much in the way of actually getting you high, you might see a pair that could potentially change your entire perspective on autumn, and maybe you'll even find a little joy in putting those sandals away until next spring.  Enjoy!

Witt Boot                                                    
Shown below in 'Green Coco Suede' and available here in 3 colors, $189.

“These boots are the perfect blend of slouch and structure. The wedge heel is perfect for walking around the city. I would wear this outfit shopping and it may even be flirty enough for a casual daytime date." Lindsay Calla, Saucy Glossie.

Clara Boot
Shown below in 'Dark Brown Leather', and available here in 3 colors, $199.
“One of my favorite things to do on the weekend in the fall is peruse the markets looking for vintage furniture, jewelry, or clothing. These boots will be perfect for all of the walking involved, especially when paired with cords!" Lindsay Calla, Saucy Glossie.

Mavenue Bootie
Shown below in 'Medium Brown Leather', and available here in 4 colors, $149.
“I love that these brown boots have a hint of burgundy! I would wear these boots to a fun brunch with friends on a Saturday. There’s nothing better than throwing on a cozy sweater and having a great pair of booties to tuck your skinnies into!” Lindsay Calla, Saucy Glossie.

Checkit Bootie
Shown below in 'Taupe Suede' and available here in 2 colors, $139.
“I adore these lace up booties! There’s a subtle sporty vibe to them that makes me want to throw on a cuffed trouser and a flirty zip up jacket. I would wear them around town to run errands because these booties have great ankle support and a sturdy heel that keeps them feeling comfortable.” Lindsay Calla, Saucy Glossie. 

(Push the 'Play' button below to view the clip).

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