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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Is It With My Hair?!?!

Timing is everything.  Seriously.  Take my hair for example.  I don't know what exactly it is about it, but when I reeeally need some damage control (thank you multiple process bleaching followed by a razor cut), I can't seem to locate the fix.  When my hair seems to be back on track and looking fairly snazzy, I have hair repair product falling into my lap.  Go figure.  

A few weeks ago, I received a complimentary Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair through my Vogue Influencers Network to take out for a test drive.  A few of you may remember another hair repair product that I tested out about a year ago through Sephora and Vogue (and if you don't, you can hop back in time to it by clicking right here), and if you recall (or re-read), you'll also notice that I was initially at a loss for what the product actually did and/or didn't do.  Why?  Probably because my hair was already looking and feeling pretty good at that point.  Of course, since that trial I have encountered some big 'ole nasty.

The good news?  After using that previous product in conjunction with my Aveda Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner on some seriously fried fringe, it works magic on crunchy bleached hair, and frayed split ends.  The slightly bad news?  Because my hair was already being propped up by a different repair product (and I couldn't just not use anything for any period of time with the knowledge that I could not feasibly wear a hat 24/7), I had a little difficulty in seeing any drastic change for the better in my mop after using the Aveda Daily Hair Repair.  Back to good news?  I also didn't see any change for the worse after switching to the Aveda Daily Hair Repair.  Yay for everyone who has to see my hair on a daily basis! I am also happy to report that it didn't leave my hair sticky, oily, or weighed down - just soft and smooth.  Oh, and even more good news?  It costs less in my market than the other product I was using.     

I'm a little sad that I don't have any before or after pictures worth sharing with you, but what I can share with you are Aveda's bragging rights about the product.  Aveda’s Damage Remedy™ Daily Hair Repair is 97% naturally derived (from plants and non-petroleum minerals), instantly repairs damage by 26% (after 1 application of Daily Hair Repair in a clinical tensile test), and helps protect from heat styling. With the plant power of Damage Remedy™ Daily Hair Repair, it’s your daily dose for healthy-looking hair.  After using it myself, I can't speak in percentages, but I don't see anything that doesn't support the claim.  Plus, it smells like all of the other Aveda products -- fantastic.

Speaking of other products, have a look at the whole damage remedy line just queueing up for the next hair disaster.

The gentle daily shampoo helps repair damage with quinoa protein, while nurturing with rich coconut and babassu-lending new life to hair. 

The intensive weekly treatment deeply penetrates to help repair, seal and smooth even the most damaged hair. 

The Damage Remedy™ Daily Hair Repair helps protect from heat styling with wheat protein and detangles with soy oil

The kit uses the power of pure plant oils and quinoa protein, so it restores health, silkiness and shine. 

Think you might be ready to try some out for yourself?  Hop on over to Aveda.com, and check out all of their offerings for your whatever hair needs you might have right now.

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