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Friday, April 1, 2011

Beauty and the Beach: Couture Color Pequi Oil Hair Treatment

Ahhhh ... the warm sunshine, the gentle breeze, the sound of the surf, and the light scent of coconut wafting to meet you as you breathe deep to take it all in.  Maybe I've been a little 'vacation challenged' the past few, but that was my first impression of the 'Couture Color Pequi Oil Hair Treatment' sample bottle I received from the Sephora Hot Now List (courtesy of the Vogue Influencer Network) before even using it on my hair.  I'm assuming it was the Pequi fruit that I was smelling and not coconuts.  Though on second thought, maybe not - does anyone out there know what a Pequi fruit smells like?  At any rate whatever I am actually smelling comes across as coconut-y, which always makes me think of sunblock or tanning oil and a beach.  A private tropical beach ... with white sand, crystal clear water, and les garcons bringing me fruity drinks ... while a I relax the day away under a large umbrella with a mysterious floppy hat and large sunglasses on.  Oh, those were the days (just humor me here a little bit and let me have my dramatic moment of longing, thank you).

Anyway, I digress.  I suppose the one thing to keep in mind about this tropical smelling hair oil, is that it is not a styling product, but is in fact, a hair TREATMENT (as in, what you probably think I need to look into after going on and on above about far away beaches).  Though I read the label on the bottle and everything on the box it came in, I think somewhere in the back of my mind I was still expecting a styling product, and because of this, was initially a little lost as to what affect it was supposed to have had on my hair after the first use.  After grappling with this problem for a few, I then realized the real deal and noticed what it actually does for my hair instead of what it wasn't doing.

I have been using one of those hair serums that smooths, seals, and makes all things shiny, but also has a tendency to work as a light styling aid as well (which I think is where I was drawing the comparison).  As far as I can tell, this old standby basically works as a 'hair band-aid' by covering up all of the damage instead of correcting it.  It also has a very specific usage amount that you must not go over if you don't want to look like a scraggly wet greased cat.  That said, the second thing I noticed about the Pequi Oil Treatment, was that it was super lightweight - I actually used it before shampoo, after shampoo, and before styling with no heavy greasy weighed-down outcome.  (As a side note, I tend to have fine, thick hair with a natural wave to it that I usually wash every other day.  I can push it one day longer if I need to, though it does start to get a little oily for me on that 3rd day).  Also, as advertised my mop was nice and soft and had a smooth healthy shine to it.  Though I still do feel the need for a touch of a finishing product out of habit, I don't know that I necessarily need one for my daytime style since my hair seems smooth without feeling greasy, soft, and with no visible split ends.  I also haven't noticed any product build-up at all to this point, which can be a problem with other oils or serums used for shine.  I'm interested to see how my 'naked' hair may or may not improve with continued use.

Overall, I think once I readjusted my expectations of what the product was supposed to do as a treatment and not as a styling tool, I am really enjoying the results.  It's also nice to know that my hair is being protected by the alcohol-free formula with antioxidants, Vitamins A&E, and proteins.  After the drying effects of the mid-atlantic winter, I'm sure my hair probably appreciates the pampering.  Actually, I'm sure after the torture we all put our hair through, there are a lot of reasons our locks could use a little extra pampering.  Do you know when I really think this would be perfect time to use though?  After a day at the beach ... a private tropical beach ... with white sand, crystal clear water, and les garcons bringing you fruity drinks.  Sigh.

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