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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Clarisonic Challenge Catch-Up: Weeks 1 & 2

So, I know I promised to fill you in on why I was doing so much cleaning in my last post, but first, I really need to catch up on my Clarisonic Challenge progress.  I mean, technically, the Clarisonic does fall under the cleaning category as well, right?

I believe the last time I posted about my Clarisonic Challenge progress, I was still having a little bit of user error on my end; you know, just getting used to the feel of things and how the Clarisonic Plus Cleansing System fit best in my regular cleansing routine.  (If you missed it, you can catch up here).  Well, I am SO glad I got over that, because the Clarisonic Plus is AMAZING!!  It has completely changed my perception of a clean face.  My 'problem' areas (on the sides of my nose and my recently irritable chin) have also seemed to take notice and straightened up far more significantly than I expected.  In a nutshell, the overall texture and tone of my complexion has improved in my opinion, and I'm relying a little less on foundation and concealer which has been a real gift in all of the recent heat.  Enough about what I think though; here, have a look for yourself!

Just after my first use of the Clarisonic Plus Cleansing System
After one week of using the Clarisonic Plus Cleansing System

I know the lighting is a little different from shot one to shot two, but check out the chin!  That is with absolutely NO makeup on (scary, I know), and I have not 'edited' anything out of the photo.  Pretty cool, huh?  What those pictures don't necessarily show is how much smoother really clean looks and feels - any flakiness is buffed away, and there's nothing but smooth, fresh, glowing skin.  

Now, wanna see week two results?  Thought so.

After two weeks of using the Clarisonic Plus Cleansing System

I know, right?  How much better does that chin look?!?  Still needs some concealer, but waaay less than I was having to use.  

Curious about how it performs in the shower now?  I have to admit that I'm not quite as sold on it for body, but part of that may have to do with my neverending ability to forget to grab it from the sink counter to take it with me to the shower.  Since the first thing I thought of when I found out you could use this gadget in the shower (after getting out all of the inappropriate jokes) was 'maybe it will help my awful speckly upper arms', I figured that would be my primary test area.  I wasn't expecting any miracles after this long of living with them, and unfortunately, I didn't exactly get one, BUT I do think they have improved a little at least.  You can check out the results below if you promise you won't shrink back in disgust.

Before Clarisonic

After Clarisonic
Not sure if you can really even tell a difference from the pictures, but I think they do feel a little smoother.  I'm sure this would be even more evident in photos if I could remember to bring the brush to the shower with me more often.  Oh, and I also LOVE using the Clarisonic on my back and shoulders, but that just seemed too difficult to photograph properly.

So there you have it.  In a nutshell, I don't ever want to go back to 'normal' facial cleansing at all.  I truly enjoy the feeling and results of the product waaay too much to turn back now (and the cleansers supplied with the starter kit are fab too).  I think if I could change one thing about the cleansing system at this point, it would probably be just to have an extra one devoted solely to my shower area so I could stop having to jump back out to grab it from the sink.  I'm sure some of you think I should just work on my memory, but then what fun would that be?!?

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