"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have". - Frederick Koenig

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flying Pigs & Fairy Godmothers

After SIX WHOLE DAYS away from work, and my computer, I am finally back here sitting at my keyboard.  Not that I really missed all of the time I usually spend sitting in front of the computer on a daily and weekly basis, but compared to what I have been doing over the past week, it's almost like a walk in the park.  So, what was I doing on my 'time off'?  Vacationing?  Relaxing?  Spending quality time with my thoughts?

Nope.  I was in the throws of turning what looked like this ...

My Aunt Linda standing in the middle of my unnecessary stack of clutter looking skeptical.

... into this,

BAM, all pretty!

and this ...

The mountains of ridiculousness in the bedroom.

... into this.

Hi Olivia, I can see you there now!

I do not usually keep a perfect house, or anything close to it.  I am lucky to keep one or two 'high traffic' areas of the house mostly tidy at any given point, and I would have told you pigs would probably fly before I could get my entire household space to this level of being clean and pulled together without some outside forces of evil condemning me to hours upon hours of cleaning purgatory.  Well, I suppose the outside forces of evil decided to play some horrible joke on me, so I did the only thing I knew to do when in need of some serious house help, and called in the big gun - my Aunt Linda.  Aunt Linda has helped me previously in trying to attain some visual appeal, sense of sanity, & beautiful decor in my first house, which you can revisit here.  For me, the whole process of working with her to arrive at this level of household transformation is kind of like asking your Fairy Godmother for help, and having her figuratively kick your ass for a concentrated period of time in order to achieve the results you asked for.  Fortunately, this approach works exceptionally well for me when it comes to getting things done around the house, and might be about the only approach that does work.  For those of you that know me well, it shouldn't surprise you that I had to un-ass myself from my typical approach toward household chores quite a bit, and shave what I'm sure are years off of my life in order to achieve these results - even with the help of the best 'household chore un-asser' I know.

I do LOVE the final outcome though, and am so appreciative that I have such an 'expert' that I can consult for some decorating advice, as well as the kick in the pants I need in order to get it done.  Oh, and to commemorate this household makeover (and remind me that I can keep it this way) ...

Can you help me with a name?

... I now have a flying pig (who, btw, is nameless at this point and taking suggestions). 

So, why did I institute the need for hard liquor and and a head check by almost completely re-doing my entire house in a matter of days?  Dark forces at work?  Maybe.  Temporary insanity?  Probably.  Anyway,  I'll have more to come on that in my next post.  Tah-tah till then!


  1. OH MY GOSH! Beth this is insanely awesome!!! Great job! And Aunt Linda there to boot. You see, you may see her as 'calling in the big guns', and she just may be a big gun - but the big guns, are the gays. Gotta run for a delicious after work Absolut Delight! Tah-Tah til then!

    Oh and the pig: Copernicus. (It is clear now with all of the clutter that is gone, he has no choice but to be the center of the universe. And after all, the center of the universe IS right on top of the hard liquor, right?)

  2. @ allamrguy - Why yes, the pig is sitting almost directly on top of the happiest place in the house, hehe!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous! That photo with Olivia could be a Martha Stewart mag pic since she also has a Frenchy and uses her dogs as models all the time. I can't believe the transformation of your old place! That kitchen! Unbelievable. I, too, spent most of last week rearranging some rooms and redecorating. I love it and love cleaning but having a toddler undoing everything behind you makes it less enjoyable. My name suggestion is Fafii - for my favorite Donna saying "Faint and fall in it!" whenever something happens that could almost freeze hell over.