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Monday, March 21, 2011

Buxom Waterproof Smoky Eye Stick: Simply Seductive

Ok ladies, I know at least once in your life you've probably tried to achieve that rocking, come-hither, sexy, smoky eye look; maybe on a fun whim, or to mix things up for a night out, or just to come up with a fresh fashion statement.  I also know that everyone who has tried this look has also at least once ended up looking more like they were on the losing side of a street scuffle or even worse - a street corner,  instead of getting that daring, mysterious, sexy vixen look that they were going for.  There's no denying it; it's kind of like an inevitable right of passage.

I can't tell you how many just plain BAD 'smoky eyes' I saw when working in the cosmetics industry, and I know I've certainly had my own share of botched attempts (which I then properly removed to avoid any assumptions - correct or incorrect, from being made).  I also can't tell you how many requests I received for instruction on how to create the perfect smoky eye while I was working in the cosmetics industry either.  Personally, I've always thought that the concept of the smoky eye was a pretty simple one, but applying the concept to the reality and then explaining the technique to someone had a way of losing something in translation (or application, or supplies, or that certain je ne sais quoi).  Thank goodness someone has finally come up with a simple one step solution.  Fast forward to now, and enter the Buxom Waterproof Smoky Eye Stick from Bare Escentuals.

I received my free sample of the Buxom Waterproof Smoky Eye Stick (compliments of Sephora through the Vogue Influencer Network) in 'Smokin Pistol' - a fancy name for black.  Though I do like a dark eye on occasion, because of my fair skin tone I have given up wearing shades as dark as black around my eyes (with the exception of liner and black mascara) so I don't look like an aging goth kid - at my age, that would be authentically scary, and would have made me look like the wrong kind of sad.  Not having done a true black smoky eye in years, I figured this would not only be a test of product, but also a test of suitability.  Here is the result:

So, what do you think?  Is it working, or is it too much?  I also did more of a lighter look for contrast (and to really see the range of the eye stick), here:

In creating both looks, I found the eye stick to be quite easy to use and very versatile - you basically just draw a fat line at the base of your lashes and blend upward - a LOT.  (I cannot overstate the need to blend, blend, and then blend some more in order to achieve the smoky eye effect you want instead of the one you want to avoid).  Want a softer look, make a smaller line and blend gently upward; want a more dramatic look, make the biggest fattest line you can and then blend upward towards your brow as well as below on your lower lash line.  Easy as that.  In full disclosure, I did use a moderately stiff shadow brush, and apparently there is a brush that is made specifically for the shadow stick, but if you have one at home already I'm sure that it will do the job.  If you don't already use makeup brushes, you could easily use a shadow applicator sponge, or even your finger (though because of the waterproof property of the pencil, I would start with applying a little foundation on the eyelid to assist in blending should you decide to use your finger).  I also played around with a little shimmer at the brow bone and the tear duct at the inner corner just to brighten things up a bit.

All in all, I was so pleased with the minimal effort required for a maximum effect, that I'd really like to try some of the other colors.  Even better, the look was 'Jay approved' - how often does a cosmetic come along that even the male in your life notices in a good way?!?!  Oh, and this stuff definitely holds up to water (which means it doesn't crease or run while wearing).

Though I can't speak to a dip in the pool, it certainly withstands the tap extremely well, and also did well through a shower (yep, I tried it).  While this doesn't come off in water when you don't want it to, unlike some other waterproof formulas I've tried in the past,  it does come off quite easily with a little eye makeup remover or face wash when you are ready to try a new look!  Pretty nifty little eye stick if you ask me.


  1. Ohh sounds really cool. When will you review the Dior 360 mascara?

  2. Soon hopefully! Vogue hasn't released the samples of the mascara yet, and I am totally at their mercy. I do have reviews coming up for the Josie Maran Matchmaker Foundation and Peter Thomas Roth Resurfacer though as soon as I can find the time to write them. Thanks for the interest, and hope you stay tuned!

  3. Awesome thanks. Can't wait to see those reviews