"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have". - Frederick Koenig

Sunday, March 6, 2011

PhotoHunt 255: Self-Portrait

Ok, so this week's PhotoHunt was not really high on my list of priorities since I didn't feel like putting a lot of thought (or any thought really) into what I think I would define as a valid self-portrait - I would probably need to talk to a therapist afterwards.  It also seems kind of narcissistic and uncomfortable in a way, which is why this is kind of a short post.  Anyway, as I was sitting on the couch with no makeup and not even a brush run through my hair, I decided to see what my laptop cam would snap.  I mean, you really can't get any more real than a grey sweatshirt, and no makeup or hair help.  Well, as I found the original results a little too real for my comfort level (I did just turn a year older), I decided to play around using the effects available, and came up with some pretty unexpected results.  What I guess I hadn't expected is how much the effects actually captured, in my opinion, more about me than what I thought the "normal" shots did.  Then again, that in and of itself might be the most telling thing about my 'self portraits'.   I've selected my favorite above (which also happened to be Jay's selected favorite as well), and have also included the 'runner's up' below.  I hope you enjoy, and if you have a few spare moments of your own to play around with a bag of computer camera tricks you should give it a whirl.  At the very least you'll probably get a good laugh, and if you look a little deeper you may just be inspired to see a side of yourself that you haven't noticed in a while, which can be quite refreshing.



  1. I've known you all your years and can testify that all your experiences are revealed in your eyes....even those that have healed and been put away.

  2. Love the Warhol ones. :) It is fun. I always see myself differently in a picture than what I see in the mirror.