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Sunday, December 25, 2011

ABSOLUT Folly - Holiday Series - Absolut Caesar

Good Morning and Merry Christmas to all of you from the Secret Santa guest cocktail-er!  Traveling internationally has limited the time I have had to check in with delicious Absolut holiday cocktails, but it is not for naught:  I promise to spoil you silly!  It is important not to mistake my busy travels with neglect of Absolut.  No, no, no!  So with whom should you be spending your day today?  With Absolut, of course!  I have my favorite holiday cocktails coming up throughout the day - so lets's get started!

Ever heard of an Absolut Bloody Caesar?  Well, I have adapted it for the United States, which is where most of you probably reside.  Usually, this cocktail is made with Clamato, but we are going to change this up a bit.  If you like Bloody Marys, you'll love the Absolut Bloody Caesar.  Enjoy!

Absolut Bloody Caesar

Fill a 16oz red cup (or equivalent) to the rim with ice.  Very important!
2 oz of Absolut Vodka
4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
2 dashes of Pete's Hot Sauce
1/4 teaspoon of ground horseradish
1 -2 teaspoons of pickle juice
salt and pepper
Finish filling the cup with Sting Ray Bloody Mary mix!

Stir or roll from glass to glass lightly and garnish with a lemon wedge and celery stalk!  Oh que c'est délicieux!  Bonne journée!

Wait until you see this afternoon's Absolut Cocktails!  OH WOW!   Amazing!

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