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Friday, December 9, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods; A Rugby Ralph Lauren Holiday

Even if you don't have to actually travel over any rivers, or through any woods to your Grandmother's house; we all have those family-oriented holiday gatherings where your sequin and tulle party dress doesn't fit the bill, yet you wouldn't be caught dead wearing a holiday sweater (or even worse, a holiday sweatshirt - ew).  So, what to wear that's still festive, family-appropriate, AND on trend?  Check out these cool pieces brought to us compliments of my friends at the Vogue Influencer Network from the Ralph Lauren Rugby holiday collection.

Long Pointelle Arm Warmers: The folks at Ralph Lauren are mad about pointelle, so they tailored open-worked knit arm warmers for super-chic results.

Wool-Angora Cardigan Coat: This heritage-inspired wool knit boasts a Fair Isle pattern at the oversize spread collar and hem. Although meant for the outdoors, you’ll find it has a special cozy-up-on-the-couch potential – all you need is a good book!

Penywern Cadet Jacket: Proudly giving a salute to chic military-inspired fashion with their Ralph Lauren rendition of the cadet jacket, featuring crest-embosses buttons, a banded collar and requisite epaulets in a tailored feminine silhouette.

Satin & Shearling Trapper Hat: Brave the cold in this super-chic satin and shearling trapper hat—a favorite style to keep you warm and winter-blues free.

So what do you think?  I think my favorite thing has to be that once you're done at 'Grandmother's house', each of these pieces will also work overtime to redefine that sequin and tulle number you have ready to hit the town, and keep you warm doing it.  Want to check out the entire Rugby Ralph Laurent Collection?  Click right on over to the site here, to keep those warm fuzzies going!

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