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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Abracadabra! Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Resurfacer With Dragon's Blood

So really what is there to say about a product that has 'Dragon's Blood' as one of the primary active ingredients?  I mean, it's almost kind of a put-off to try using something on your body once you hear that it has any kind of blood in it, and the 'laser-free' description used to reassure you that this is a gentle serum is all but lost by conjuring up all sorts of images of fire-breathing dragons.  That brings us, of course, to the automatic leap of questioning the validity of  the product's claims, as you pause to realize that not only is there blood, but it's the blood of a mythical creature.  Right off the bat, we are faced with a product that seemingly calls to mind images of all sorts of unpleasantness - bloody dragons breathing fire on your skin to achieve imaginary results.  Right, so all I could do was assume that Peter Thomas Roth must have known a dragon-fighting wizard who shared a potion with him that was going to improve my skin - why ever else would wizards spend all of that time conjuring, if not to allow one access to the fountain of youth?!?

In my opinion, it's really difficult to provide true feedback on what a product does or doesn't do unless you have been using it for a month or more (or you have a horrible unfortunate reaction to it).  Because I didn't have the luxury of a lengthy turnaround time to provide you with my results, when I received my full-sized sample of the Laser-Free Resurfacer, compliments of Sephora through the Vogue Influencers Network, I decided that I would not only try this on my face, but would also do a trial on my hands so I would be able to examine my skin up close for anything that might look like a change.

The first thing you notice about this product is it's deep shade of red.  I'm told by the description, that this is from the Dragon's Blood, which in this case is actually a red resin that is derived from certain plants and not the life force behind the imaginary, scaled, fire-breathing beast that we have all grown so fond.

Once the serum is massaged in, the red color seems to blend right in to the skin, and if anything just adds the slightest hint of a sheer healthy tone.  There is also a mild fruit-like aroma to the serum that may or may not bother some, which seems to fade after a minute or two.  Aside from that, application was business as usual - no stinging, burning, or otherwise fantastical wizard-like abracadabra.

After using this for a little over two weeks, I certainly haven't turned into a toad, but I unfortunately don't have any results to share with you that I could capture on camera.  With the naked eye, I can tell you that  I am able to see a slight difference between my two hands, which is a little surprising as I had zero expectations given the short turnaround for usage.  The hand that I have been treating with the Resurfacer does appear to be more even-toned, holding moisture a LOT better, and seems less crepey.  I've also noticed that my pores do appear visibly smaller on the treated hand as well.

All in all, I would have to say to say to all of the wizards out there still trying to concoct a 'fountain of youth' potion that they are still in business when it boils down to finding something to provide the instant gratification for a youthful appearance (short of surgical procedures or a miracle).  If you're looking for something that does seem to provide subtle improvement over a period of time, and still sounds pretty cool too, then this little bottle of magic might just be for you.

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  1. ok, i freaked out when i saw that drop of goo on your hand. also, wondering when charlie sheen is going to market a resurfacer with tiger's blood...??