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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Lady Has Arrived: The Audrey III Finale

As expected, this weekend's allergy issues left me huddling indoors afraid for my life after a brief round of patio potting and yard clean up.  Due to this near brush with death, my Audrey III finale pictures have only just now been uploaded and I'm almost feeling clear-headed enough to write in complete sentences (maybe).  If you've been following along, you'll remember the last pictures of Audrey III were from April 10th, which you can revisit here if you want to refresh your memory.  If this is all new to you, you're completely lost, and I seem like some crazy plant person then please click here to get caught up.  (This may not help explain away the crazy plant person part, but it will at least put things in chronological order).

Good!  Now that that's all straight I can go ahead and tell you that the Lady has certainly arrived!

It's been a beautiful few weeks watching her turn from being covered in nothing but green leaves to seeing almost nothing but small puffs of yellow.  Though I'm sure this is Audrey IIIs glorious final hurrah for 2011 blooms (then it's back to the man-eating plant cycle); I'm hoping that she will last through the weekend, but sadly not optimistic.  In the meantime though, there are three people on my front porch taking their own photos of our one-hit wonder to last them until next year (with far better camera equipment that my own), and she is certainly the star of the show for the next few seconds of your time if you'll have her.  

April 10

April 12

April 15

April 18

April 18

What a grand show you've put on this year Lady Banks, Bravo!


  1. It's a shame something so beautiful leaves such a mess and is such a pain the rest of the year....kind of sounds like raising children!! :)

  2. Awww, are you calling me a lovely flowery mess?!?! hahaha