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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Vogue Influencer Network Hookup Just For You

You've heard it first, seen it first, and gotten the lowdown first from the Vogue Influencer Network right here from me, and now it's your turn.  If you've wondered how you too could become a Vogue Influencer, here is your chance!  Just click here to take a questionnaire to see if you'll be picked to be the next to know about and share just-launched fashion and beauty collections, industry events, and exclusive product samples.  Good luck!

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  1. I just read the comment you wrote on 1 of my posts about the giveaway you had. I didn't recieve the email you sent me. I tried sending you an email with bethcregger@google.com but it had trouble sending. I am so interested in getting the Bath & Body Works Jasmine Vanilla scrub.